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Instrument & Control Tray Cable for the Factory Automation Industry

Instrument & Control Tray Cable

Working with a leader in the automation industry, EIS Wire & Cable was tasked to design the next generation of instrument and control tray cables. These new cables would need to fit a “one cable fits all” solution to the growing list of applications and agency approval demands for ITC/PLTC type cables.

Using our wire extrusion, cable core twisting and shielding/jacket extrusion capabilities, we produced .413″ diameter, 11/C 18AWG cables and .394″ diameter 19/C composite cables that are both dual rated and can be used for instrument or control cable. All had a yellow PVC jacket and were manufactured with an extremely round and smooth surface for ease of molding connectors to the cable.

Withstanding temperatures up to 105°C, the cables feature 300 V and 600 V capacity and are resistant to sunlight and water.

These enhanced shielded and unshielded cables were granted a variety of agency approvals which allowed our customer greater flexibility in offering products to the marketplace that cover a multitude of approvals in one cord design. For more information on this development and manufacture of an instrument and control tray cable project, please see the table below.

Cable Design & Manufacturing Project Highlights

Product Name

Instrument & Control Tray Cables

Product Description

EIS developed these cables to provide a solution to the automation industry’s growing application demands.

Capabilities Applied/Processes


  • Incorporated customers design requirements and agency

approvals required
Wire Extrusion
Cable Core Twisting
Shielding and Jacket Extrusion

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part


Overall Part Dimensions

Dual rated, can be used for Instrument or Control Cable
11/C 18AWG
Diameter: Ø.413″
Dual rated, can be used for Instrument or Control Cable
19/C Composite Cable
Diameter: Ø.394″

Tightest Tolerances

+/- .010″

Materials Used

Composite Cable:
3/C 18AWG
16/C 22AWG

Jacket: PVC



In process testing/inspection performed



300 Volt and 600 Volt Capacity
Withstands Temperatures Up to 105°C
Resistant to

  • Sunlight
  • Water

Industry for Use

Factory Automation

Turn Around Time

Two weeks ARO

Delivery Location

Mid-West U.S.

Standards Met


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