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Private Labeling

EIS Can Help You Increase Brand Name Visibility

Use the surface area on your next custom cable to serve as promotional space that highlights your brand name. Whether your strategy is best served by promoting your company’s or a customer’s name, EIS offers you the opportunity and flexibility to create perception.

Emphasize your company’s name, a trade name or a differentiating feature of the product…it’s your call! In addition to UL/CSA rating information, the surface print on your cable’s jacket can include promotional information that opens new doors & increases your sales.

What’s the Value of your Brand Name?

Bulk Wire & Cable

Name recognition is the key to new opportunity and increased sales through visibility in your market.

Promote Your Name: Highlight your company, product or brand name. Whether you print a website, phone number or trade name; multiple tiers of customers & potential customers will know that it’s your product and/or how to contact you.

Sell Your Customer’s Name: For Assembly Houses or Distributors servicing special, bulk cable requirements; enhance your value-added service and let your customer call out the surface print on a custom cable.

Experiment: Working with a developmental product? Enhancing your product’s performance? Introducing a new brand name? For virtually no additional cost, you can’t go wrong in trying something new or changing directions.

Many bulk cable manufacturers are concerned with their own brand name and hence don’t give you this option. We specialize in custom cables but we’ll provide private label, competitor equivalents too. If you’re interested in branding a standard cable you’re currently using, check with EIS to see if it falls within our private labeling capabilities.

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