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Lean Manufacturing

It Starts With a Commitment

LEAN Pull System Action Board

At EIS Wire & Cable, our commitment to LEAN Manufacturing has allowed us to bring the Company to a whole new level. Rather than just having a manufacturing system for producing products, EIS has used the principles of LEAN Manufacturing to create a company wide Operating System based on the philosophy of Continuous Improvement.

By Value Stream Mapping the entire process from quoting an order all the way through delivery we have designed an organization based on customer service. Mapping the flow through every process has allowed EIS to evaluate the relationship between each operation to create a “Touch It Once” philosophy and eliminate non-value added steps.

The Difference

Most manufacturers produce their products using a “Batch & Queue” system also known as a “Push” system, where they combine as many orders as possible into large batches for efficiency. These large batches are then loaded into the queue of each operation and pushed through the system independent of the individual needs of the customers, the rationale being that the larger the batch the more efficient the process becomes. These manufacturers intentionally create as much work-in-process (WIP) as possible, but when a customer calls for a quick delivery or an expedited order; manufacturing flexibility is limited because of the large queue of orders in front of it.

Unlike most manufacturers, EIS Wire & Cable uses the LEAN Manufacturing Pull System. It begins with the end in mind so every order starts with the customer’s required delivery which pulls the order through the process. The LEAN Manufacturing Operating System is designed for continuous flow so even large orders are broken into smaller batches, meaning that every order gets pulled through all processes uninterrupted from start to finish. Smaller batches mean virtually no work-in-process (WIP), making it easier to control and regulate flow through the system. No WIP also means minimal queue time and minimal queue time means every operation is ready to respond to any customer demand.

The Result

What you need, when you need it! Our agile manufacturing allows total flexibility to produce your order when you need it, not when the supplier decides to build it.

The “Touch It Once” philosophy means that once your order is started, it can move non-stop through every process because continuous flow synchronizes production activity between upstream and downstream operations.

At EIS, LEAN Manufacturing is a never ending journey. Our LEAN Operating System has been years in the making, involving every employee in the Company and thousands of classroom hours in training each year to ensure consistent quality. Our Continuous Improvement approach to manufacturing will not only guarantee that your decision to purchase from EIS is the best decision today, it will also prove to be an even better decision in the future.

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