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Communication Cables

EIS Wire & Cable’s ability to meet your custom requirements enables us to provide unique solutions to our customers in the Communications Industry. Whether you need intricate composite cables that provide a combination of power and signal or a special jacketing compound to meet an industry standard, EIS will work with you as your manufacturing partner. From your request for quote through to delivery we’ll ensure your satisfaction; contact our Sales Department today!

Typical Design Options


Power Limited Circuit Cable/Communication Cable
Meets FCC Docket 20780 EMI/RFI Leakage
RS232 & Numerous AWM UL Styles Available
NEC 725 Class 2 & 3 Circuits and NEC 800
UL Subject 13 and UL Subject 444


Stranded or Solid:
Bare & Tin Copper


PVC / Semi-Rigid PVC
Polyethylene (Solid & Foamed)
Polypropylene (Solid & Foamed)


Aluminum Mylar Shield
Tin Copper Shield Braids


PVC (Color coded to spec)
Extruded Stripe Available


Wood Reels
1,000′ Put ups & Bulk Packaging available upon request

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