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SEOOW Portable Power Cord

Introducing EIS’s New Line of Continuous Flex Control Cables For use with Robotic Arms & Automation Equipment

Custom continuous flex cables for use in industrial applications where continfuous motion and flexing is of high importance and mission critical. Applications include Robotic Arms or Automation Equipment that require movement. Click here to read the full release.

SEOOW Portable Power Cord

New Durable, Versatile SEOOW Portable Power Cord Offers Powerful Flexibility

Our new SEOOW Portable Power Cord provides a versatile, durable option for non-permanent commercial and industrial applications requiring multi-conductor, higher-voltage power distribution. This service cable is safe for indoor and outdoor use, delivering 600 volts of non-permanent, temporary or portable power at 10 to 15 percent less weight than SOOW cords. Click here to read more.

New UL/AWM Polyurethane Industrial Control Cables

New UL/AWM Polyurethane Industrial Control Cables

Our low voltage polyurethane jacket cables offer exceptional design features along with a wide range of UL/AWM/CSA/MSHA approvals essential to the networking of equipment used in industrial distribution markets; Such as, Factory Automation, Mining, Power Generation, Refining and Petrochemical, Steel, Solar and Pulp & Paper. Click here for UL/AWM styles available (PDF).

New Sales Representatives Wanted !!

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