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SEOOW Portable Power Cord

The SEOOW portable power cord is a versatile, durable option for non-permanent commercial and industrial installations where multi-conductor, higher voltage power distribution is required. This service cord has the ability to handle a wide temperature range while still remaining flexible and it can also tolerate harsh environments for extended periods of time, including exposure to sunlight, chemicals, oil and water. The SEOOW cords are easy to strip and over mold to suit a wide variety of applications.

Durable – Flexible – Lightweight – Weather/Oil Resistant

This portable service cable is safe for indoor and outdoor use, delivering 600 volts of non-permanent, temporary or portable power at 10 to 15 percent less weight than SOOW cords.

Specifications & Characteristics

  • Flexible, portable, 600V power cords (same applications as SJOOW with higher voltage rating)
  • Available as SJEOOW (Junior Service), 300V
  • Shielded (shown) or unshielded
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use as non-permanent, temporary or portable power
  • Dry locations: min. temp. -50°C; max. temp. 105°C
  • Water resistant; suitable for wet locations (exposure to oil or coolant) not to exceed temperatures of 60°C
  • Lightweight (typically 10-15% lighter than SOOW cords)
  • Excellent sunlight, chemical and oil resistance (jacket and inners)
  • Easy to strip and excellent molding characteristics
  • Use as specified by Article 400 of the National Electric Code®
  • UL and CSA listed and certified; meets CSA approval for outdoor use as STOOW
  • Manufactured to UL subject 62 and CSA C22.2 No. 49-14
  • Flame ratings VW-1, FT1, FT2



  • Industrial and commercial lighting
  • Portable power tools
  • Motor controls
  • Mines
  • Marinas
  • Office equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Construction site power
  • Washing machines and large appliances
  • Compressors
  • Heavy machinery tools
  • Temporary electrical power
  SEOOW Portable Power Cord
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SEOOW Portable Power Cord


SEOOW Durable - Flexible - Lightweight - Weather/Oil Resistant Power Cable
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SEOOW Portable Power Cord


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SEOOW Portable Power Cord Cutaway Diagram



AWG Range

Conductor Count








2 to 6

0.750” max. cable core OD (including shield)


The SEOOW portable power cord offers a flexible, rugged temporary power distribution option for a wide variety of applications. Its TPE jacket provides the durability, flexibility and abrasion resistance required for many indoor and outdoor uses.

This cord is not for permanent installation in walls, structural ceilings, suspended/drop ceilings and floors; nor is it to be attached to building surfaces. When using in suspended applications such as hanging lighting, ensure the tension is not on the conductor terminals – strain relief fittings are recommended. Bushings/fittings should be used for abrasion protection when the cord passes through cover holes, outlet box holes, etc.

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